Death and Taxes

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Click here for a lovely visual representation of our federal budget. Guess which side of the poster the budget cuts will be coming from?


Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said

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9/12 Muslim Family Day at Six Flags

August 3, 2010 5 comments

I’m sure that the reason Six Flags’ Muslim Family Day is getting so much attention this year is due to all of the hoopla surrounding the Ground Zero mosque/Islamic center controversy, but seriously, conservative media really need to start including all of the facts in their non-newsworthy stories if they are going to convince anyone outside of their ammo desperate followship.

Glenn Beck attempts to argue the insensitivity of an annual event that began pre-9/11 for being held the day after its anniversary. What he fails to mention is that it has traditionally been organized around that time because it celebrates Eid, the end of the holy month of Ramadan. In fact, they actually moved the event this year from Sat, Sept 11th to Sun, Sept 12th in order to avoid celebrating on the actual anniversary.. not to appease jerks like Glenn Beck, but to be sensitive to the families and friends of those who lost their lives on 9/11, including one of the original organizers of the Muslim Family Day event. There was a brief honeymoon after 9/11 where we, as Americans, seemed gripped by solidarity and national pride. But the fervor slowly dwindled and Americans resumed to normal. We fly on 9/11, we work, we celebrate, etc. And that doesn’t exclude Muslims, American or not. Eid will fall when it falls (on the calendar, that is), and Muslims will, and should, celebrate accordingly.

Glenn Beck even tries to use the pathetic analogy of the insensitivity of a hypothetical American Day in Iraq or Afghanistan. Of course Iraqis and Afghans aren’t going to stand for burgers, hot dogs and fireworks at the park in the name of a country who bombs their people and their homes. But how is this even remotely close to what Muslim Family Day is?? Number 1, Muslim Americans are AMERICANS, not some terrorists in waiting that many keep insisting on making them out to be. Number 2, Islam is a faith, not an ethnicity… which means your all-American, blond-haired, blue-eyed, Christian girl next door could grow up, convert to Islam, and bring her kids to Muslim Family Day one day, bet we wouldn’t be having this conversation if they all looked like her, huh? This is what is inherently wrong with Glenn Beck’s argument… he is being divisive about what is American and what’s not, without even saying it. We have to recognize that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists. And those that are, are certainly not being honed at amusement parks.

Glenn Beck transcript here
About Muslim Family Day here

Jane Dutton Interview with Isaias Afwerki (Al Jazeera)

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I’m pretty late on posting this interview.. but it’s a must see for those who have any interest in Eritrean affairs. President Isaias Afwerki is totally off his rocker. For a man who lies and denies so much, you would think he’d be a little better at it. He claims that Eritrea isn’t on a war footing, yet the policy on forced and indefinite military conscription hasn’t changed. He also claims that anyone can apply and obtain a passport, which couldn’t be further from the truth. But here is the absolute kicker: he shrugs off Dutton’s question about the fleeing of several players from the national Eritrean soccer team while in Kenya for a tournament and claims it’s news to him. News! He should seriously reconsider a free press 🙂 Maybe then, he’ll get his news.

For your viewing pleasure (and pain): Al Jazeera Interview

I understand that many people don’t know about the state of things in Eritrea (heck, many people haven’t even heard of Eritrea), so for those who would like to gain a little insight into Eritrea’s current situation, watch this vid of Al Jazeera’s program, People & Power (0:00 through 14:08). I’ll admit, some of the statements in this piece are a bit exaggerated (i.e. these are not the first independent shots in however many years, tens of thousands of Eritreans aren’t fleeing every month, etc.), but it does get the message across. There is no free press or freedom of religion. There is a policy of forced and indefinite military conscription and many Eritreans do flee the country (even under a strict shoot to kill policy at the borders)… not tens of thousands every month, but enough to raise eyebrows.

For the record, I feel the need to state that I am NOT arguing against Eritrean sovereignty. I wouldn’t dream of undermining the work and determination of Eritrea’s martyrs and freedom fighters (including both of my parents), so if you’re an Isaias loyalist, please spare me your yells of treachery and treason. Let’s not let the struggle for independence be in vain.. it wasn’t fought to replace one oppressive regime with another.

We’ll save money.. and it makes sense??

April 29, 2010 1 comment

Kudos to you, Tim James.. you have huevos of steel. It’s painfully obvious to me, especially in today’s political climate (cough.. Arizona), that Tim James is not running on a platform of fiscal conservatism nor common sense, but instead is capitalizing on the current attitude of intolerance towards immigration, legal or otherwise.

I’m not really current on the issues in Alabama, nor am I going to invest any time to research them, because I just can’t seem to muster up the personal interest… but was there really nothing more deserving of campaign funds to address? I imagine that their issues are consistent with the rest of the nation, so I have a hard time believing an answer in the affirmative. I hate to say it (no I don’t), but this is total hate-mongering.